Investigative Organizations

Washington Association of Legal Investigators (WALI) – WALI is a non-profit organizationWALIformed in May of 1997 by a group of Washington State Investigators. The main goal and purpose of the association is to provide an educational forum for investigators throughout the State that improves the skills and the level of professionalism of those in the industry.




Federal CourtsHow were the federal courts established? What kind of cases do they hear? What is the difference between state and federal courts? These might be some of the questions you’re asking when you visit, and the answers are a click away.

Washington CourtsWhether you are involved in a case, responding to a juror summons or just interested in learning more about your local court system, we hope this site will help answer any questions you may have regarding Washington’s third branch of government.

 Oregon Courts Oregon has circuit courts, a tax court, appellate courts, other local trial courts that are not part of the state court system, federal courts, and tribal courts. These pages contain information about state courts and a registry of other local courts;